Euro Exchange Bank

We operate as an International
Financial Entity


E uro Exchange International Bank Inc. Is an International Financial Institution registered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and licensed in the year 2017 by the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions (OCFI). We operate as an International Financial Entity (IFE) under the provisions of the International Financial Center Regulatory Law (Law 273/2012) that is focused on the international market.

Euro Exchange International Bank Inc., is in full compliance with US Federal and Local regulations since the OCFI is an accredited member of the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS). As such, Euro Exchange International Bank Inc. is regulated by US Federal laws and regulations related to US banking practices, which includes among others, BSA/AML Laws and the US Patriot Act.

Euro Exchange International Bank Inc., was established by a group of banking professionals with vast experience in international banking, they participated in the International Financial Market in regions such Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America promoting a fusion of multicultural knowledge to serve clients.


E uro Exchange International Bank Inc., is a Bank where we are fully committed to constantly improve the standards of our services. We strive to earn the loyalty of our clients by operating with integrity and fairness, always. As a Bank, we demonstrate a continuing interest in meeting the needs of our customers aware of the fact that we exist because our clientele deserving high quality services.
Our core mission is to build long-term relationships with our customers and to satisfy their needs by understanding the reason of their business, we undertakings and thereby innovate solutions and products designed to meet their requirements.


W e are a Bank for the customers that value long term global relationships. We thus position ourselves in key niche markets in the United States, Latin America and Asia. An intuitive understanding of market movements is key to our endeavors and use this as impetus for growth.