Euro Exchange Bank

A Global Bank

Euro Exchange International Bank is a global financial institution that provides international services to people all over the world. They specialize in facilitating economic exchanges between countries, and they're run by an experienced staff of professionals who care deeply about this aspect of finance.


Euro Exchange International Bank strives to understand the needs of its clients and find innovative financial solutions for them. Our team gets to the bottom of what drives our clients’ businesses, helping individuals and corporations achieve those goals through products or services tailored specifically to their needs.


We are the bank for customers who value long term global relationships. We aim at positioning the bank in key niche markets including those of America, Latin American countries and Asia with an intuitive understanding of market movements which will serve as a push for its growth.

Euro Exchange International Bank has been providing personalized financial service since 2017, offering clients an innovative and new approach to the modern world's need for a better way of banking with international markets in mind.

The bank was established by a group of banking professionals with vast experience in international banking, they participated in the International Financial Market in regions such Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America promoting a fusion of multicultural knowledge to serve clients.

Euro Exchange International Bank offers an array of products and services designed for both businesses and individuals alike, from personal to business accounts offering EECheck services, multi-currency account services and more.

Why Bank With Us?

  • Euro Exchange International Bank is an International Financial Entity (IFE) under the provisions of the International Financial Center Regulatory Law (Law 273/2012) that is focused on the international market
  • We are a leading international bank with a great banking network among US, LATAM and Europe
  • We are in full compliance with US Federal and local regulations
  • Euro Exchange International Bank Inc. is regulated by US Federal laws and regulations related to US banking practices, which includes among others, BSA/AML Laws and the US Patriot Act
  • We are fully committed to constantly improve the standards of our services at all times.
  • Euro Exchange International Bank is part of Euro Exchange Group, a company with more than 400 employees servicing more than 20,000 customers, through 4 regulated sisters' companies around the globe
  • The bank covers more than 10 different markets, such as:
    • United Kingdom
    • Spain
    • Hong Kong
    • Mexico
    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    • Dominican Republic
    • Colombia
    • Peru
    • Asia
    • US & Puerto Rico Non Residents

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