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1. Account Opening

Individually Accounts - 1 business day

Corporate- 3-5 business days

Banks/Credits - 5-7 business days

An email confirmation and a follow up call from one of our representatives.

Personal, Corporate and Institutional/ Credits- Non-banks. We offer a multi currency deposit account.

Non interest bearing accounts.

Personal accounts are for individuals, to manage a person's own expenses and needs.

Business accounts are for companies, or commercial businesses to manage money acquired through the company.

2. Transactions

It is a third party bank used by issuing and receiving banks to facilitate international funds transfers. Typically domestic banks use an intermediary bank as their agent abroad to facilitate their process of wire transfering in foreign nations.

USD- United States Dollar

NOK- Norwegian Krone

SEK- Swedish Krona

MAD- Moroccan dirham

AUD- Australian Dollar

CAD- Canadian Dollar

AED- United Arab Emirates

EUR- Euros

GBP- British Pounds

P.MXN- Mexican Pesos

CNY- Chinese Yuan

TRL- Turkish Lira

The bank cannot fund transfer to countries in the OFAC list.

The bank cannot fund transfers to countries in the OFAC list.

A method of electronic fund transfer from one person or entity to another domestically or internationally. Wire transfers are typically done through a bank or an authorized transfer entity.

Domestic funds are expected same-day. International transfers typically take two working days. Internationally transfers time vary based on the bank and region.

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3. About Us

In addition to long-term legal and political stability, as well as excellent geographical positioning and a US dollar-based economy, Puerto Rico offers significant benefits for businesses, including customer preferences for banking institutions governed under US law.

654 Plaza, 654 Avenida Luis Munoz Rivera

Suite 1815

San Juan, PR 00918