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Personal banking

Euro Exchange International Bank offers personal banking services to clients globally.

Access your account anytime, anywhere

We at Euro Exchange International Bank are your go-to for international personal banking. We offer a variety of services and products that will help you grow internationally, from foreign exchange products and services, international wire transfers, and local payment options.

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With Euro Exchange International Bank, You Can Login to Online Banking Anywhere in the World Whenever You Need It. Everything You Need For Personal Banking, Nothing You Don’t.

  • View balances and transfer money between bank accounts, set up account alerts and access online statements in a secure platform
  • Monitor account status online.
  • Transfer money between bank accounts, or send outbound wires to other financial institutions
  • Manage multi currency transactions
  • Deposit checks online using your mobile device
  • Set bill pays online and other recurrent payments
At the center of your world, we are a global bank ready to meet all of your needs. With our extensive international banking experience and vast range of products designed for you, there's no limit on what we can do together!

We know that you're busy, and we want to provide banking services for the modern working individual. You can enjoy our bank's personal account from anywhere!

What you need to open a personal account:
  • Two (2) valid personal, government-issued photo IDs
  • Proof of address, no less than three (3) months old
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • Employment letter and/or tax declarations
  • Completed Account Opening Form
  • Completed Account Profile Form / Customer Information Profile (CIP)

More Personal Banking for Less Hassle

Open a personal account with Euro Exchange Bank International and enjoy the following services:
  • Electronic Payment System: Your account, if your needs require it, could have access to the electronic payment system. In this case, you would be able to receive and send money through transfers from an approved transmitter for a more streamlined experience with our bank that will meet internal compliance obligations of meeting both parties' requirements by verifying corporate information before approving said transmitters in order for them to deposit funds into your account
  • EECheck Deposits: Our EECheck service is a remote deposit process that allows our customers to scan checks instantly, depositing them directly into their accounts with us.
    With our secure program, you can deposit checks at any time, from anywhere your scanner is located.
    Once you have an account with us, all you need to get started is a scanner, and we will walk you through the rest. We will get you set-up to start depositing checks in no-time.
    If you want to learn more, you can contact our team by email directly at
  • Foreign Exchange Products and Services:
    • Multi-Currency bank Accounts in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, HKD, JPY, NOK, NZD, PLN, SEK and SGD
    • Purchase and Sale of Foreign Currency
    • Cable Fund Transfers in Foreign Currencies: Euro Exchange International Bank maintains accounts in various countries enabling customers to send their electronic wire transfers in several currencies. Having these accounts, allows Euro Exchange International Bank to offer more competitive rates at a local level.
      • Contact us directly to request a transfer
  • International Wire Transfers: A wire transfer is a secure way to send and receive money instantly, anywhere in the world. Euro Exchange International Bank provides access to wire transfer services that can be made from any bank account or credit card - even on weekends!