Euro Exchange Bank

Check deposit service

Remote check deposit can be easy

Our EECheck service is a remote deposit process that allows our customers to scan checks instantly, depositing them directly into their accounts with us.

With our secure program, you can deposit checks at any time from anywhere your scanner is located and all it takes for an account with us is a scanner and we will walk you through the rest of the setup so starting right away isn’t too hard!

Euro Exchange Bank offers customers everything from simple account opening service to foreign exchange transactions which are done at competitive rates so it's easy to manage cash flow. This bank also provides transaction banking solutions such as wire transfers into more than 100 currencies worldwide.

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We have put a great deal of effort into developing our banking system with the aim of providing you with a more efficient and better service.
With our EECheck services, you can transmit checks at the convenience of your business.

Efficient and Secure

Neutralize Your Risk With Our Eecheck Service
  • Verification of Funds
  • Account Verification
  • Check Validation
  • Blacklist of Checks in Circulation
  • Low Range of Returned Checks
  • More Secure and Efficient
  • Enhanced Protection

Ready To Start Scanning Checks?

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How To Get Started With EECheck Remote Deposit Capture

1. Open a deposit account

Our EECheck service is conveniently connected to your main Euro Exchange deposit bank account. To initiate this process, you may apply online to obtain your deposit bank account.

Apply for an Account

For questions while opening your account please don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance by calling, (787) 303-0858.

2. Get your scanner

a. EECheck is compatible with several brands and types of scanners. For an initial scanner consultation our team will connect you with a local scanner provider that can assist, and answer all of your concerns as well coordinate shipping options directly to your business location.

b. If you have several branches or offices, we can centralize the images of the checks in your main office for heightened supervision.

3. Set Logins and Passwords

Our EECheck remote deposit capture allows your business to set different levels of authority, so you can provide structured access to your team and manage their activity, so you can facilitate operations.